What’s Costa Rica like in September?

Costa Rica Weather in September

Avg. temperature: 23°C / 73°FSun: 5 Hrs of sunshine
Rain: 355 mm per monthAvg. humidity: 86%

Being a tropical country you won’t have to worry about the Costa Rica temperature in September. Indeed the fluctuation in temperature is only a couple of degrees celsius throughout the year. Costa Rica weather is divided into two seasons – rainy and dry. September definitely falls into the former; in fact it’s the wettest month of the year! You’ll not need a jumper but you’ll need to be armed with good light-weight waterproof. If it’s a beachside stay you’re looking for then head for the east coast where, conversely, it’s actually drier than normal. But for the rest of the country it will be a good one for exploring the rainforests and waterfalls.

Where To Stay In Costa Rica In September

Being the “Green Season” you’ll not find hotels hard to come by. With maybe the exception of the most popular hotels you will likely not need to book in advance, and they should by-and-large all still be open for business. The exception to this rule is if you’re planning to travel to the southwest and Osa peninsula; best to check if they are still accessible due to the variable road conditions this time of year as they get days, if not weeks, on end of the heaviest rain down there. Bargains are aplenty in the Pacific and central regions of Costa Rica in September, with up to 40% discounts due to the lower number of travellers. As mentioned earlier, the Carribean is at it’s driest at this time so prices will remain the same, and you should probably book your accommodation here in advance.

Best Beaches In Costa Rica In September

If you’re heading for the Pacific coast you’ll not be wanting to lie on the beach too long, though if the day fits the standard pattern you should be able to get some sun in the morning before the afternoon/evening rains strike the shoreline. If you’re a surfer you could be in luck though as the waves can be particularly radical in September. But for the best beaches in Costa Rica in September you want to head for the Caribbean. Unlike the rest of the country it is drier than normal and right now a bit of a hidden gem (but gaining more popularity each year), and if you do get a bit of rain it tends to be during the night. Popular beach destinations in the South Caribbean are Punta Uva and Cahuita (both good for swimming and wildlife), Puerto Viejo (where the surfing and diving are also good), and in the north there is the wildlife eco-haven of Tortuguero.

The Best Things To Do In Costa Rica In September

Away from the obvious delights of the east coast you’d be forgiven for thinking the rest of Costa Rica in September will be a wash-out. While it’s true that much of the wildlife hunkers down during this wettest of seasons (especially true of the south west) there are still gems to be had. Sea turtles are at peak nesting at this time, and humpback whales are introducing their calves to the warmer waters of the southern pacific; boat trips are possible but subject to weather. Heading into the lush rainforests you can still enjoy the ziplines and canopy walkways rain or shine, and guided nature walks are still available, though most of the mammals and birds will be scarce. What you will find an abundance of though are frogs and snakes – they love the wet and you’re dozens of times more likely to see them now than in the dry months. One of the best places to visit in Costa Rica in September are natural hot springs in the jungles, which will be much quieter this time of year.

Costa Rica Independence Day – 15th September 

If you’re visiting Costa Rica in September then there’s every chance you’ll be around for their Independence Day celebrations. It’s been around 200 years since they seceded from the Spanish Empire (1821) and this is an official national holiday for all Costa Ricans. As you may expect from such a vibrant nation they like to celebrate with huge joy and enthusiasm! In the morning school children in traditional dress form marching bands, while in the evening the National Flag is raised, the national anthem is sung by the whole nation at 6:00pm, and patriotic parades follow with people holding homemade lanterns (symbolising the freedom torch). And then, of course, come the fireworks. Pretty much all of the activities that day are free and open to the public, especially in the commercial centres, so be sure to join in if you’re around.

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