What’s Costa Rica like to visit in June? 

Costa Rica Weather in June

Avg. temperature: 22ºC / 72ºF Sun: 12.5 Hrs of daylight
Rain: 178 mmAvg. humidity: 49%

The month of June in Costa Rica means that the green season has officially begun and is in full swing! This only means that you are more likely to experience rainfall, but usually in the later afternoon and only for a couple hours. Then it’s back to the beautiful tropical temperatures! By this time most of the tourists have headed home and accommodation is cheaper than ever, book in advance, or wait until the last minute, you’re sure to find the perfect nest for your Costa Rican holiday. 

One of the perks of the ‘green season’ is it takes place after the rush of the peak season, and tourists head back home where it is beginning to get warm. This means there are fewer crowds and you can find accommodation prices to be close to 40% cheaper than in the peak season.  

Even though the peak season may be over, you can still enjoy your time in Costa Rica as if the peak season never ended. Enjoy magical hikes through one of Costa Rica’s many famous rainforests or discover the towns you are staying in, as many have museums and great restaurants that are just as entertaining when the rain hits!  

What to do in Costa Rica in June

Best Places in Costa Rica in June

With the green season in full swing, this is the perfect time to visit all of the hot spots in Costa Rica while escaping the crowds. It will feel like a private vacation as tours are not as fully booked, nor are the accommodations, and popular attractions. Plus, the waterfalls in Costa Rica will be in full swing!

Manuel Antonio National Park

Costa Rica in June is the perfect time to visit Manuel Antonio National Park, the weather is still warm and all park tours should be operating. And, the benefit of hiking the rainforest during the rainy season is the revitalization of the forest, the greens are more vibrant, the birds sing louder, and animals are basking in their natural habitat. Just remember to bring your rain gear! 

Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs 

Make your way a few hours north of San Jose to the Arenal Volcano. Deep in the rainforest, you’ll discover this magnificent, and active, volcano. Take a hike in the trails all around the volcano, and see how the rivers are affected by the natural hot waters seeping through the volcano. Or, take a more relaxing view of the volcano by visiting one of the many hot springs in the area. You can soak in naturally hot, and minerally enriched, waters right in the middle of the forest! There are many springs to choose from, whether you’re looking for a romantic setting or a place the whole family can enjoy, there is a hot spring for everyone.

Beaches in Costa Rica

Unfortunately, a golden suntan is not a sure thing during the rainy season in Costa Rica in June, however, this does not mean that you can’t enjoy the beach! As the rain only blows through for an hour or two, if at all, this still provides ample time to enjoy the soft sand and dancing waves off one of Costa Rica’s coasts. And, if the weather doesn’t suit a swim or a soak you can make the trip to see the turtles. All year round, turtles come to the beaches of Costa Rica to nest their eggs, a great place to see this is Playa Grande- a beach close to Tamarindo. 

Events in Costa Rica in June

Even though the rainy season is underway, you can still find some celebrations happening in Costa Rica in June. While these celebrations are mostly centered around local patron Saints, you can still experience the local street fairs and why the Costa Rican motto is ‘pura vida.’

Fiestas Pattronales Trinidad, de Moravia, San Pedro de Montes de Oca, Leon Cortes, and San Jeronimo

Celebrating three patron Saints in one day means party, party, party! On June 13th, the celebration of three patron Saints (San Pedro de Montes de Oca, Leon Cortes, and San Jeronimo) is underway, and boasts a day full of fun! The street fairs are where you can find the locals celebrating with food and drinks, listening to music and spending time with friends and family. It is important to note that this festival includes a bull fighting event, without the bloodshed of animals. 

Fiesta San Juan de Tibas

The celebration of San Juan de Tibas, is similar to that of other local celebrations revolving around local patron Saints, but you’ll have just as much fun. Street fairs with lively music and stalls from local vendors, you’ll be able to try some of the best street food while enjoying the vibe of the city streets. On June 24th, this festival also includes a bull fighting event, without the bloodshed of animals. 

Dia de San Pedro y San Pablo

More of a religious celebration, the day for San Pedro and San Pablo includes a procession honoring the two Saints. Masses are held throughout the day as it is a truly joyous occasion for any of the local parishioners, or anyone wanting to celebrate. Due to this, June 29th is a day of honor for practicing believers, and while you do not have to celebrate, it is always a good idea to enter with a respectful mindset.  

Other things to do in Costa Rica in June

Costa Rica in June can tend to have some rainy days, as it is the beginning of the rainy season. If you end up having to stay inside all day, there are a few options for you! 

Local Cultural Centers

Even though you are unlikely to experience a full day of rain in June, it is best to be prepared. If the rain has got you down and you’re looking for some shelter, one of the best things to do in Costa Rica in June during a storm is to stop in one of the local cultural centers. Almost every city has a place where you can learn more about Costa Rica, either through a wildlife center, or maybe something more historic. Costa Rica has a rich history and bountiful natural life that is something Costa Ricans take pride in and would love to share with anyone. 

Eating in Costa Rica in June

The benefit of a rainy day is the opportunity to take the time to share a meal with your family, friends, or even a local. While the major cities boast gastronomic variety, worthy of a food tour, each city and town has a great example of Costa Rican cuisine. Sodas in Costa Rica are small family owned establishments that have exceptionally authentic Costa Rican dishes. They are more casual and can be found anywhere, but just as delicious, and truly unique to Costa Rica. From fresh fruits and vegetables to fresh seafood, you’ll want to spend time savoring the native flavors of Costa Rica. 

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