What is Costa Rica like in April?

Costa Rica Weather in April

Avg. temperature: 83°F / 28.4°CSun: 12.4 Hrs per day
Rain: 79 mm per monthAvg. humidity: 81%

Costa Rica in April rounds out the end of the dry season. Expect to experience some of the hottest days of the year during this month. While there is still little rain, afternoon and evening showers spring up from time to time on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. This cools things down a bit and adds life to the trees. If sunshine and heat aren’t what you’re in search of, inland cities such as San Jose experience some cooler weather with drier skies during this month.

Get the best of both worlds and spend some time on the hot coasts before heading for the cool hills or vice versa. April is the best month to experience the diverse regions of Costa Rica!

What to do in Costa Rica in April

The best places to visit in Costa Rica in April are the forested regions. Trees are still green and trails are still dry, making it the perfect escape with plenty of shade to find in the heat of the day. Monteverde Cloud Forest is a popular ecotourism destination. The biological reserve is dedicated to habitat preservation and social action. Great efforts have been made to create a network of trails that wind through the natural landscape to help visitors become one with nature. 

The high-altitude rainforest is home to species not seen anywhere else in the country. Thousands of plants and animals are scattered throughout the hills, some of which are extremely rare. Visiting Costa Rica in April is a great time to see animals running about as they enjoy the dry weather while it lasts. 

Travel from the bustling capital of San Jose to lush Monteverde for a change of pace. Generally, two buses travel daily from San Jose, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. If you’re looking for more flexibility, you can try a car service such as Daytrip and you’ll have the chance to see other sights along the way. 

Easter in Costa Rica

April in Costa Rica is when many native Costa Ricans take their holiday. Semana Santa, or Holy Week, during the Easter holiday sees more people on the beaches than usual with many families gathering to celebrate with food and good company. The week leading up to Easter is a unique time to visit the country. The capital San Jose becomes somewhat of a ghost town as many quickly make their way to the coasts for relaxing beach days. 

You can expect San Jose to be quiet with many shops and businesses, such as banks, to be closed a few days before Easter. Heavy traffic, particularly on the Thursday and Friday before Easter Sunday, is to be expected as well. Travelling through the country is not as easy during this time because of traffic and fewer public transportation options so it’s best to make arrangements in advance. 

Easter is an important religious holiday for Costa Ricans. Elaborate celebrations and parades take place throughout the country with many locals also taking time to reflect and pay their respects. Oftentimes, somber processions wind through the streets but are to be followed with more excitement and energy, dancing and laughs.

 Where to go in Costa Rica in April

Since April in Costa Rica is the end of the dry season, rainfall hasn’t disrupted the sandy ocean floors. The blue waters are clear and not cloudy so it is the perfect month to spot a colorful Caribbean fish or Pacific sea turtle swimming about. 

Huge manta rays can be spotted between December and May on Pacific coast. Their watery wingspans can reach up to 9 meters wide, making diving one of the most unique things to do in April in Costa Rica. Watch in awe as they effortlessly glide through the water. 

Make your way to the coasts when the crowds clear out after Easter. With the hot Costa Rica April weather, take a welcome swim in the ocean to cool off.

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